First two hours with

I can’t even remember when I entered my gmail-address to the webpage to get a spot of this new app. As everybody knows, the internet is filled with all sorts of services to spend your time, money, and not get you anywhere. But Younited is different. It is made by F-Secure, and somehow I trust the company.

In case you don’t know anything about Younited, please check out their promo video. You can consider Younited a kind of high security Dropbox or Skydrive, with connections to different other cloud based services. As you know, security of different online services is a hot topic nowdays.

By default you’ll get 5 GB of free quota (or 10 GB, if you’re fast). But the thing is the additional service: 200 GB of online disk for relatively good price: 74,99 €.

So here we are, just got on confirmation mail from Younited, and installed the app to my Win8 PC and Lumia 820 (WP 8.0). Now there were some hiccups in the beginning. The desktop software mystically installed itself (I got all the icons and Younited  folders) but there’s no way to log in to the service. No login form of any kind appears anywhere.

Phone app installed nicely, but it froze when I tried to change the given four-digit password. After a couple of restarts I figured out that new password had registered and I got logged in with my phone. Also the web based app runs really nicely. At the moment I registered my phone to service, the phone also appeared on the web app.

Basic promise of Younited is the connection to other online services. At this point I seem to be able to connect only to Google Picasa. I can imagine the big players (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive) don’t like the idea of a new service grabbing their customers, so it’s interesting to see how this goes. Also I’m not able to create a folder or directory and share it to other Younited user – the feature Dropbox does really, really well. Maybe I could do this on my desktop app, only if I could sign in to service. Update! There’s the create folder -functionality at web app. I just didn’t find it right away.

I have to admit this Younited has a high potential to replace my Dropbox. The availability of a mobile app for Windows Phone is an important factor, also the security is. But sharing and the desktop app must be fixed first. Update: Simple uninstall – reinstall fixed the desktop. Can’t say what went wrong in the first place.